Our Officials

Authority is vested in the Union by the members who elect the General Council members from amongst categories, namely:


  • Foreign-going Deck Officers
  • Foreign-going Marine Engineers
  • Specialised Officers
  • Home Trade / Special Limit Officers
  • Home Trade / Special Limit Engineers


From amongst the General Council members, an Executive Committee will be elected. The Executive Committee is responsible for the conduct of the business and affairs of the Union, subject to the provisions of the Trade Unions Act and the Union Constitution.


General Council

Elected by union members from 5 categories

Executive Committee

Elected by General Council members in respective categories





SMOU Officials


Mr Eric Chua
Mr Gan Thiam Poh
Ms Grace Fu
Mr Lim Boon Heng
Capt Robin Foo
Mr Goh Seow Juay
Ms Jennifer Tan
Mr Rahim Jaffar
Mr Lim Teng Toon
Vice President
Ms Siti Ainul Nellisa Binte Mohamad
Vice President
Ms Mary Liew
General Secretary
Mr Gwee Guo Duan
Assistant General Secretary
Mr Mohd Farhan Bin Mohd Fadillah
Assistant General Secretary
Mr Thomas Tay
Emeritus General Secretary
Mr Alvin Cheong
Executive Secretary
Mr Yong Soon Huat
Mr Ismail Ahamad
Assistant Treasurer
Mr Tan Geh Ting
Assistant Treasurer
 Mr Terence Tan
 Ms Joyce Lee
Assistant Secretary
 Ms Loh May Ling
Assistant Secretary



The Executive Committee


Foreign-going Deck Officer

Koo Wei Loon

Mark Koh Zhi Wei

Mohd Farhan Bin Mohd Fadillah

Siti Nasuha Binte Abdul Rahman

Yip Benjamin

Foreign-going Marine Engineer

Rahim Bin Jaffar

Siti Ainul Nellisa Binte Mohamad

Tan Hung Tat

Yap Cheng Hong

Yong Soon Huat

Home Trade / Special Limit Engineer

Budi Harianto Bin Karsun

Lim Chee Fook

Lim Teng Toon

Loh Sen Chuen Raymond

Teng Sim Poh

Home Trade / Special Limit Officer

Haji Nahrawi Bin Omar

Ismail Bin Ahamad

Muhammad Bin Ismail

Muhammad Khairul Anuar Bin Abu Hasan

Sofwan Bin Marzuki

Specialised Officer

Chan Peng Kong James

Tan Geh Ting

Tay Chin Joo


Gwee Guo Duan

Mary Liew

Sidek Bin Saniff

Terence Tan

Thomas Tay


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