Membership benefits


Depending of the length of membership, member can claim up to max 70% (capped at max S$200) subsidies of the course fee when they attend any course that is conducted by Wavelink Maritime Institute.

Subsidy application must be submitted before or not latest than 30 days of the course commenced.


Membership Length:

Up to 3 yrs : 30%

Abv 3 – 5 yrs : 50%

Abv 5 yrs : 70%


Cap to max. $200 subsidy per course per member

For a list of upcoming course calendar, you may click here.

As NTUC members, members who not sponsored by their employers can enjoy 50% unfunded course fee subsidies, capped at $250 each year when they sign up for the below courses supported under UTAP.

Conducted by Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA)

Class 1 & 2 (Master & Chief Mate) Deck Officer Certificate of Competency

Deck Officer Class 3 Certificate of Competency

Preparatory Course for Class 1 CoC (Deck) Orals

CoC Class 1 Orals Preparatory Course for Engineers

Class 1 & 2 (Chief & 2nd) Engineer Officer Certificate of Competency

Class 1 & 2 Combined Part A (Engineer Officer) Certificate of Competency

CoC Class 5 Marine Engineer Officer (Graduate Mechanical Engineer)Preparatory)

Class 5 Marine Engineer Officer (MEO) Preparatory

Medical First Aid Onboard Ship

Medical Care Onboard Ship

Navigation Control Course

Tanker Familiarization Course

Advanced Oil Tanker Safety

Advanced Chemical Tanker Safety

Advanced Liquefied Gas Tanker Safety

Basic Safety Training Course

Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

Advanced Fire Fighting Course

Shipboard Training and Assessment Course

Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)

Electronic Chart Display and Information System(ECDIS) - Appreciation Course

Conducted by Wavelink Maritime Institute Pte Ltd (WMI)

Bunker Surveying Course

Experienced Tug Master Refresher

New Tug Master Training Course

Oil Spill Control Course

Passenger Ferry Safety Course & Assessment / Refresher Course

Pilotage Exemption Course


Port Limit Tanker Master Course/Refresher & Assessment

Port Limit Special Grade (Deck Officer) Course

Operational Use of ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System)


UTAP support has increased from $250 to $500 for members aged 40 and above from July 2020 to December 2022.

More information can be found at:

Scholarship Awards for PSLE/GCE 'O' Level/ GCE 'A' Level Students

These awards shall be solely based on the national examination final results of the applicants and are presented only in recognition of outstanding achievement in their academic studies. Applicable only to PSLE, GCE ‘O’ level and GCE “A” Level Students.


Criteria for Selection

a) The member must be a paid-up member for at least 5 years continuous membership

b) The The top student of each category shall be awarded.

c) The awards are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

d) The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

e) Awards presented are based on the students’ National Examination results accordingly.


Quantum for the awards shall be as follows:-

PSLE $500 x 8 students

GCE 'O' Level $800 x 8 students

GCE 'A' Level $1,000 x 8 students

International Baccalaureate (IB) $1,000 x 8 students

The Executive Committee shall, in its absolute discretion, grant the following school bursaries annually to the children of paid-up members at least 5 years membership. Its amount shall not be more than as specified below:-

Primary School $200/student max up to 40 students
Secondary School $300/student max up to 40 students 
ITE $300/student max up to 15 students
Pre-University (JC) $500/student max up to 15 students
Polytechnic $650/student max up to 20 students
University $950/student max up to 20 students

Special Program School/

Sub Normal Education School

$200/student max up to 10 students


Criteria For Selection

a) The recipient of the bursary award must not be in receipt of another scholarship or bursary or any other similar award given by the Government or any other bodies;

b) Members must be in need of financial assistance. Original copy of current pay slips of either parents or the latest IRAS Notice of Assessment must be submitted;

c) Have a total monthly household income not exceeding S$4,000 (Gross) or per capita income not exceeding $800 gross (whichever is lower).

d) If the stipulated gross income is exceeded, the Executive Committee shall have the absolute discretion to waive this criterion as it deems fit after consideration of the applicant’s circumstances.

e) A member who is facing hardship due to medical reasons shall have priority for this grant (must produce documentary proof);

f) The members’ child/children must be studying in Singapore;g) The academic performance must be of satisfactory standard of at least a pass in the examination;

h) This grant is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee; whom shall have the absolute discretion to waive the above criterion as it deems fit after consideration of the applicant’s circumstances.

i) The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

Group Insurance

All members of the SMOU who are employed by shipping companies covered under the Union’s collective agreements; and who are aged over 16 and under 65 years of age.


Benefits Payable

In the event of the death of a Member from any cause, except suicide or attempt thereat while sane or insane within 12 months from the commencement date of assurance of such Member, the NTUC Income will pay the Sum Assured under this Policy up to a maximum of S$5,000.

All paid-up members except Associate Junior Members (AJ) are eligible under this scheme if they are aged 16 to 65 years of age with at least 6 months of continuous union/associate members and be physically and actively at work.

You may access the soft copy via NTUC website through these links:

For English, please click here.

For Chinese, please click here.




Length of Continuous Membership


Less than

10 years

10 years

& above

Death or TPD* of member due to natural causes (24 hrs)



Death or TPD* of member due to accident during working hours



Death or TPD* of member due to accidents (outside working hours)



The aggregate of all payout per member shall not exceed



Death or TPD of member’s spouse (below 65 years old) due to all causes



*TPD: Total Permanent Disability

Terms and conditions apply. Group Insurance is subject to approval

Hardship Grants & Long Membership Awards

The objective of this Hardship Assistant Scheme is to help eligible SMOU members and/or their families with outright cash grants or regular monthly cash aids in the event of their experiencing financial crisis or hardship in accordance with the conditions set down below.


Eligibility / Criteria

  • A full paying SMOU member with at least 5 years continuous membership and a Singapore resident.
  • Must be the sole breadwinner with a total family income not exceeding S$2,800 per month or per capita income in the family not exceeding $725 per month (whichever is lower).
  • Assistance is to be in the form of a one-in-a-lifetime grant to members or their families who face severe financial hardship arising member’s death or permanent/total disability or chronic illness that prevents the full-time employment of the member or Natural Calamity.
  • The maximum grant shall not exceed $3,000 and is to be paid in a lump sum or in installments at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • Applicants for assistance must furnish full details of the family hardship situation with documentary proof wherever needed, subject to checks and investigative visits by union officials.
  • Recommendation by a Welfare Committee on a case-by-case basis the amount of grant, period of help and form of help (i.e cash or voucher) subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee shall have the absolute discretion to waive any or all of the above criterion as it deems fit in consideration of the applicant’s special extenuating circumstances. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

For ALL paid-up members based on the following continuous length of membership:-

Length of Membership

Gift worth up to

10 years

S$ 100 + certificate

20 years

S$ 200 + certificate

30 years

S$ 300 + certificate

40 years

S$ 400 + certificate

 45 years  S$ 450 + certificate
 50 years  S$ 500 + certificate


A member is entitled to the above award only once for each category.

The award may be in the form of vouchers or items as decided by the Executive Committee.

*Items are subject to changes without prior notice.

Recreation & Social

The booking of chalet/hotel is only applicable to members who are at least 18 years of age and have at least 1 year of continuous membership with SMOU at the date of application. All rates are heavily subsidised by SMOU.

Members should have their subscription fees paid for at least six months in advance upon application.

Fees Payable


D'Resort @ Downtown East Rental Rates (Per Period)


Please click here for the full Terms and conditions which will apply for all chalet bookings.

Places of Interest – Recreational Ticket

You can also visit Singapore’s places of Interest such as Singapore Zoological Gardens and Night Safari at a subsidised price through balloting.

SMOU Recreation Ticket to place of interest 
Type of Memberships SMOU CHARGES
Singapore Zoological Gardens

$9 per adult ticket / $5 per child ticket

(up to a maximum of 5 tickets per application per family)

Night Safari

$12 per adult ticket / $6 per child ticket

(up to a maximum of 5 tickets per application per family)

* tickets not transferable, not renewable, not returnable and not extendable

1. Aranda Country Club

With SMOU’s corporate membership pass, you can enjoy facilities at the Aranda Country Club.

2. Orchid Country Club

Enjoy Orchid Country Club privileges when you sign up as a registered golfer with us.


As an SMOU member, you can also apply to become a NTUC member. As a union member, you will be given a free NTUC link card which gives you a host of exclusive privileges and benefits. You may log on to

The Singapore Maritime Training Fund (SMTF) is established in collaboration with SMOU, maritime authorities, shipping employers and other collaborative partners for developing quality and qualified seafarers to man Singapore Flag ships. 

SMTF promotes collective training, education and skills upgrading for SMOU seafarers to face future challenges and opportunities.  It aims to help SMOU members, serving onboard vessels covered by SMOU Collective Bargaining Agreement, to upgrade their skills so that they can continue to improve their employability and enjoy wage progression.


Its collective and cost-effective training for seafaring officers improves their employability and also the competitive edge of their shipping employers which in turn, enhances Singapore as an International Maritime Centre. 


Benefits of SMTF and Collective Training

  • Affordability – cost efficient from collective training with industry partner
  • High Investment Yield – improves commercial business with well-trained officers
  • Professional – training programs are meticulously scrutinized and approved by industry partners
  • Quality – quality seafarers means Zero Accidents, Pollution and Fatalities

Contact Details

SMTF Administrator @email:

SMOU Seafarers’ Medical Scheme (SMS)Only Available for SMOU Filipino & Burmese Members



SMOU SMS is a specially designed healthcare scheme that provides general healthcare needs for Filipino and Burmese seafaring officers and their dependents during their contract period whilst actively serving on vessels covered by SMOU CBAs. Knowing that their dependents are well taken care of, it gives the officers a peace of mind as they sail the seas.




1) SMS enrolment is required before the seafaring officers work onboard SMOU CBA vessels. Shipping/manning companies can contact for the SMS enrolment form.


2) SMS members who are active Filipino and Burmese officers serving on board vessels covered by SMOU CBA and whose shipping companies/employers are contributing to the SMOU SMS.


3) Each SMS member can nominate up to 4 dependents:

a) legitimate spouse (maximum age of 62 years)

b) legitimate children (maximum age of 21 years)

c) natural or adopted parents (maximum age of 62 years)

d) legitimate siblings (maximum age of 62 years)


4) All SMS enrolment must be approved by the shipping/manning companies.


5) Upon the approval by the SMS Administration, SMS member and his nominated dependents are issued a notification of Approval via email.



Free Medical Benefits at SMS Clinics


1) Medical Consultation

2) Complete Blood Count

3) Chest X-ray

4) Routine Urinalysis

5) Routine Fecalysis

6) Electrocardiogram (ECG)

7) Fast Blood Sugar (FBS) Test (check for Diabetes)

8) Cholesterol Test (check for cardiac)

9) Triglyceride Test (check for cardiac)

10) Creatinine Test (check for kidneys)


Each family (SMS member and his nominated dependents) is entitled up to 4 medical benefits per calendar month. It is necessary for the notification of Approval to be produced on each visit at the SMS clinic.


Location of SMS Clinics











Transnational Medical & Diagnostic Center Inc

551 Cabildo St., Casa Marinero II, Intramuros, Manila



Transnational Medical & Diagnostic Center Inc

E. Lopez St., Jaro, Iloilo City

Physicians’ Diagnostic Service Center Inc

#7A Mabini St, Brgy Railway, La Paz, Iloilo City


Physicians’ Diagnostic Service Center Inc

104 F. Ramos ST., Cebu City Philippines


Physicians’ Diagnostic Service Center Inc

#49 Jose Palma Gil St Brgy, 4A District , Davao City

Cagayan De Oro

Physicians’ Diagnostic Service Center Inc

Burgos Street. cor. T Chavez Street., Brgy. 6 Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental Philippines



Asia Pacific Medical & Dental Centre

98 A Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon


Contact Details

SMS Administrator at email:

The SMOU Seafarers’ Accommodation Scheme (SAS) is established to promote affordable temporary accommodation for seafaring officers serving on vessels covered by SMOU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), while they are onshore in Singapore prior to or after duty, or in Singapore for training purposes.  It also helps CBA companies to defray accommodation costs of their seafaring officers.


From 1 April 2024, the SAS approved accommodation service provider are:

  1. SAS hotels are:
    1. The Seacare Hotel : (65) 6818 2680 /
    2. Furama City Centre: (65) 7639 6464 /
    3. Furama Riverfront: (65) 6739 6464 /
    4. Copthorne King’s Hotel : (65) 6733 0011 /
    5. Grand Pacific Singapore: (65) 6336 0811 /


  2. Pay-Per-Use Lounge at Changi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge

For short period of stay, seafaring officers making use of the Pay-Per-Use Lounge at Changi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge can be claimed under SAS.  The Plaza Premium Lounge details as follows:

Plaza Premium Lounge, Pay-Per-Use Lounge, Changi Airport

Location: Terminal 1, Level 3, Departure Transit Hall (above Gate C1) 

Operating Hours: 24 hours, daily

Tel: +65 6443 2730




Salient points of SAS:


  1. SAS is intended for seafaring officers who sail on board SMOU CBA vessels and who may require overnight stay when in Singapore for crew change/training purposes.


  2. Based on the number of vessels owned, companies are allocated SAS vouchers value (valued at S$50 each) to be used for offsetting room charges at SAS accommodation service providers approved by SMOU.


  3. Companies may claim for the room/pay-per-use lounge charges up to the total value of SAS value allocated.


Contact Details

SAS Administrator at

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