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Industrial relations at SMOU reflects the strong tripartite relationship between the Government, Shipping Companies and the Union.

What is Collective Bargaining?

  • It is the process of negotiations held between employers and the union in order to reach an agreement on employment matters relating to wages, working conditions, benefits, leave … etc.
  • The CBA once concluded by both parties will be registered with the Singapore Industrial Arbitration Court (IAC), certified by the president of IAC & gazetted as a legal document.

Benefits of having a SMOU CBA

  • The SMOU CBA is your international guideline to ensure the working conditions and minimum wages for your seafaring officers are globally compliant and accepted.
  • It increases your competitiveness amongst maritime employers in the labor markets for world class seafaring officers all around the world.

Enhances / Continuity of good relationships

  • Increase employees security
  • Good employer and employee relationships should not be taken for granted. A CBA defines the working relationship which is critical for continuity as people join and leave your company.

Key considering factors that would influence the CBA’s discussion

  • Today, we all know that employer and employees have to work hand in hand towards achieving the same goals. To ensure this win-win state of play, business concerns besides staff /crew welfare are factored into the CBA’s discussion process.
  • This involves customising each CBA in line with
    • Current Economic situations
    • Company & Employee’s performance

Companies should ensure that they are pursuing the CBA for the right reasons such as:

  • To enhance & continue good employee and employer relationships.
  • Ensure that their officers’ wages & working conditions are compliant & globally accepted.
    CBAs are categorised as follows:
    • SSA Singapore Flag Vessels / Singaporean officers
    • SFA Singapore Flag Vessels / Foreign officers
    • FFA Foreign Flag Vessels / Foreign officers and Ratings

For a specimen of the CBA or details, please contact Mr Gwee Guo Duan at



This non- negotiable agreement, also known as FFA, is designed by the International Transport Federation (ITF). This agreement is signed between shipping companies, Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU) and Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS).


Singapore Flag CBA


This contract agreement, also known as SFA, is an agreement negotiated between shipping companies and unions to ensure a fair agreement for both parties. With these signed agreements, it also aims to promote Singapore as an International Maritime Centre (IMC).


We refer to our several Notices to Participants notifying the extension of the expiry of the SPF-SOA from 31st December 2019 to 31st December 2021 for Participants or their proper claimants to submit Withdrawal Forms.


SMOU would like to inform that administration of SPF has formally ceased with effect from 31st December 2021.


All unclaimed monies from the SPF-SOA as at 31st December 2021 will be audited and utilised in accordance with Rule 19 of Constitution of SMOU.


For more information, please contact SMOU at

The Singapore Maritime Training Fund (SMTF) is established in collaboration with SMOU, maritime authorities, shipping employers and other co-operating partners for developing quality and qualified seafarers to man Singapore Flag ships.


The SMTF aims to help the members, serving onboard vessels covered by SMOU Collective Bargaining Agreement, to upgrade their skills while attracting new entrants into the maritime industry. It promotes collective training, education and skills upgrading for seafarers to face future challenges and opportunities. Providing maritime related skills upgrading for SMOU members, the SMTF helps to promote seafaring as a rewarding career. It provides collective and cost-effective training for seafaring officers thereby improving their employability and also the competitive edge of their shipping employers.


Benefits of the SMTF and Collective Training

  • Affordability – cost efficient from collective training with industry partner
  • High Investment Yield – improves commercial business with well trained officers
  • Professional – training programs are meticulously scrutinized and approved by industry partners
  • Quality – quality seafarers means Zero Accidents, Pollution and Fatalities

Achievements of SMTF as at March 2013

  • Some $4.1m have been spent on training
  • 5726 cadets and officers have been trained
  • More than 25 shipping companies have benefited
  • Training conducted across the region in 6 countries

*All figures indicated above are correct as at 31 Mar 2013

More information on SMTF can be found in the SMTF brochure.

Contact Details

SMTF Administrator @email:

SMOU Seafarers’ Medical Scheme (SMS)Only Available for SMOU Filipino & Burmese Members


SMOU SMS is a specially designed healthcare scheme that provides general healthcare needs for Filipino and Burmese seafaring officers and their dependents during their contract period whilst actively serving on vessels covered by SMOU CBAs. Knowing that their dependents are well taken care of, it gives the officers a peace of mind as they sail the seas.


Free Medical Benefits

  1. Medical Consultation
  2. Complete Blood Count
  3. Chest X-ray
  4. Routine Urinalysis
  5. Routine Fecalysis
  6. Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  7. Fast Blood Sugar (FBS) Test (check for Diabetes)
  8. Cholesterol Test (check for cardiac)
  9. Triglyceride Test (check for cardiac)
  10. Creatinine Test (check for kidneys)



The free medical benefits are subject to the following:

  1. SMS members who are active Filipino and Burmese officers serving on board vessels covered by SMOU CBA and whose shipping companies/employers are contributing to the SMOU SMS.
  2. Each SMS member can nominate up to 4 dependents:
    1. legitimate spouse (maximum age of 62 years)
    2. legitimate children (maximum age of 21 years)
    3. natural or adopted parents (maximum age of 62 years)
    4. legitimate siblings (maximum age of 62 years)
  3. Each family (SMS member and his nominated dependents) is entitled to receive a total of up to 4 medical benefits per calendar month.
  4. For SMS enrolment, endorsement by the shipping/manning companies is required.
  5. Upon the approval of enrolment, the SMS member and nominated dependents are issued the SMOU SMS Approved Advice which is required to be produced on each visit at the SMS clinic.


Location of SMS Clinics











Transnational Medical & Diagnostic Center Inc

551 Cabildo St., Casa Marinero II, Intramuros, Manila



Transnational Medical & Diagnostic Center Inc

E. Lopez St., Jaro, Iloilo City

Physicians’ Diagnostic Service Center Inc

#7A Mabini St, Brgy Railway, La Paz, Iloilo City


Physicians’ Diagnostic Service Center Inc

104 F. Ramos ST., Cebu City Philippines


Physicians’ Diagnostic Service Center Inc

#49 Jose Palma Gil St Brgy, 4A District , Davao City

Cagayan De Oro

Physicians’ Diagnostic Service Center Inc

Burgos Street. cor. T Chavez Street., Brgy. 6 Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental Philippines



Asia Pacific Medical & Dental Centre

98 A Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon


Contact Details

SMS Administrator at email:

The SMOU Seafarers’ Accommodation Scheme (SAS) is established to promote affordable temporary accommodation for seafarers serving on vessels covered by SMOU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) while they are onshore in Singapore prior to or after duty, or in Singapore for training purposes. It also helps to defray accommodation costs of such seafarers and CBA companies.


Salient points of SAS:-

  1. SAS is intended for seafaring officers who sail on board vessels covered by SMOU CBA.
  2. Subsidy is in the form of SAS voucher code (valued at S$50 each) to be used for offsetting room charges at SAS accommodation service providers approved by SMOU.
  3. Multiple SAS voucher codes can be combined to offset room charges. eg. Officer can use 3 SAS vouchers codes (worth S$150) to offset charges for 1 room-night and pay the remaining nett balance.
  4. Any unused value of the SAS voucher code is not refundable.
  5. The approved SAS accommodation service providers are:
    • The Seacare Hotel
    • Furama City Centre
    • Furama Riverfront
    • Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen
  6. SAS Redemption Process:
    1. SAS participating CBA Companies are informed of SAS voucher codes(s) before the start of the year.
    2. For seafaring officer who requires overnight stay in Singapore, company or the officer himself may directly contact the following approved accommodation service provider for room reservation:
      1. The Seacare Hotel - (Tel: 6818 2680/ 6818 2087)
      2. Furama City Centre - (Tel: 65 6531 5318 / 6531 5317)
      3. Furama Riverfront - (Tel: 6739 6411 / 6739 6406)
      4. IBIS Bencoolen - (Tel: 6593 2888 / 9712 8220)
    3. To enjoy the promotional rate from the respective accommodation service provider, the SMOU SAS voucher code(s) must be quoted.
    4. Upon the room’s reservation confirmation, the accommodation service provider will inform the SAS Administrator ( via the same email for the approval of the SAS voucher code(s) redemption.
    5. The SAS Administrator will approve and send the redemption approval to all parties; accommodation service provider and CBA Company/officer. * For room reservation arranged by CBA Company, it is important for the company to forward the confirmation email with SAS voucher code(s) to the Officer for check-in.
    6. At the point of check-in, the officer is required to produce his Seaman Discharge Book /Passport for verification.
    7. The SAS accommodation service provider will offset the earlier confirmed SAS voucher code(s) and the officer will settle any remaining room charges according to the hotel billing requirements.
    8. The SAS accommodation service provider will follow up with the SAS Administrator for the settlement of the redeemed SAS voucher codes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For a list of FAQs and the answers, please click here.


Contact Details

Get in touch with the SAS Administrator at or Telephone: +65 6390 1661.

The Employment Act applies to all employees regardless of nationality, who is under a contract of service with the employer. The Employment Act is a law passed by the Ministry of Manpower that governs the welfare of the employees. Designated work and rest hours are to be adhered to and other conditions of the service such as the wages of the employees are also covered.


Part IV of the Act covering rest days, work hours and conditions of work only applies to

  1. Workmen who are not earning more than S$4,500 basic monthly salaries
  2. Employees earning not more than $2,000 basic monthly salaries


There is no distinction between a temporary employee, contract, daily-rated, or employees no tenured employment. Should your employee works less than 35 hours a week, they are covered under the Employment of Part-Time Employees. This provides a degree of flexibility for the employers as well as employees.


For more details of the Employment Act, please visit the Ministry of Manpower’s website.

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) serves as a comprehensive social security savings plan that has given many working Singaporeans a sense of confidence and security. Working Singaporeans and their employers make monthly contributions to the CPF and these contributions go into three accounts:

Ordinary Account - these savings can be used to buy a home, pay for CPF insurance, investment and education.

Special Account – this account is for old age expenses and investment in retirement-related financial products.

Medisave Account - these savings can be used for hospitalisation expenses and approved medical insurance.


The savings in which Singaporeans deposit into the CPF earns a minimum risk-free interest of 2.5% guaranteed by the Government. Special, Medisave and Retirement Account savings currently earn a guaranteed minimum 4% interest until 31 December 2012.

For more details on the different components of CPF, please visit the Central Provident Fund Website.

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